Borne out of necessity resulting from field test and evaluation efforts, Signature Research, Inc. has developed a niche expertise in designing, developing, and implementing specialized hardware for a variety of applications. While supporting T&E efforts, Signature Research, Inc. personnel often ask the question “why is that done in that way?” More times than not, the answer is simply, “that’s how it’s always been done”. Our experienced team of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Technicians are widely recognized for thinking outside the box. One example of such an out-of-the-box approach is our Infrared Target Collection System (ITCS) Phase II Small Business Innovate Research (SBIR) project. Under this effort, SGR is designing and building a replacement for a truck and erectable tower based infrared target data collection system with a four tower cable-based system for collecting infrared target signatures. The new design will allow for the collection of data in minutes that currently takes more than an hour. The system integrates custom designed mechanical winches and towers with motion control software, GPS positioning systems, and high speed data acquisition to provide a significantly improved data collection alternative.

Signature Research, Inc. essentially “wrote the book” on the collection, calibration, and processing of visual signature data. Signature Research, Inc. has developed and refined instrumentation and methodologies that are in use by the signatures community to support the collection of high quality calibrated visual data, to support “user-in-the-loop” evaluations for a variety of applications. These tools and methodologies have been used to support efforts ranging from the evaluation of next generation soldier uniform patterns, to optimized camouflage patterns for tactical U.S. vehicle systems. Our methodologies provide data suitable for laboratory conspicuity testing – producing results directly analogous to field observer testing at a fraction of the cost.