The Company

Signature Research, Inc. develops innovative tools that use high fidelity physics-based approaches to estimate signatures. Since 1992, our philosophy is to provide highly accurate comprehensive solutions to our customers for applications including signature management, and modeling and simulation. Being able to provide our customers with the information to make the decisions that matter is the heart of our business.

Signature Research, Inc. is headquartered in Calumet, MI. Signature Research, Inc. was incorporated as a small business (13CFR121) in 1992, and since then we have expanded to include an office in Navarre, FL.

The People

The Signature Research, Inc. team is made up of a diverse and talented group of people. Half of our staff hold a master’s degree or higher in their field, and occupations include electrical engineers, mathematicians, software developers, operations analysts, physicists, mechanical engineers, aerospace, and computer specialists.


Primary government customers include  AMRDEC, AFRL, ARL, DARPA, NSRDEC, NVESD, SPAWAR, TACOM/TARDEC,  NGIC, NASIC, and DIA MSIC. Primary industry partners include IAI, General Dynamics Land Systems, GTRI, Northrop Grumman, and Torch Technologies.