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ViewVS is a PC-based application for precisely calibrating digital color images acquired in a variety of formats. It enables the user to calibrate field measurements to obtain a realistic rendition of what the observer sees in the field. ViewVS is engineered to use measured or assumed illuminant and surface reflectance information for a standard color panel in a measured scene, and the standard color-matching functions to compute CIELAB and CIELUV coordinates and color differences for color images.

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To achieve optimum calibration results, ViewVS allows the user to use standard or measured illuminants. Together with the known reflectance properties of color standards, engineers can obtain accurate colorimetric information, and use this information to calibrate subsequent data imaged under the same conditions. ViewVS uses standard methods of optimization for removing the non-linear effects of the gamma correction applied by the camera.

AOI Capabilities

ViewVS has unique AOI drawing, editing, and storage functions. The editing function allows the user to graphically add or delete nodes and to move nodes for precise definition of the AOI. The user can also name and store each AOI for later use. Multiple AOIs can be moved as a group, maintaining their relative positions, or each can be moved individually. Color calibration is performed and color differences are computed based upon user-defined AOIs within the calibrated image.

Color Chart Geometry Support

ViewVS can support virtually any color chart geometry, which allows the user an easy and intuitive method for designating the color chips used for calibration. One way this is provided is by allowing user-manipulation of an auto-generated color chart AOI in three-dimensional space with simple mouse movement.

Data Export

The data export feature allows the user to export to an MS Excel-compatible file the raw RGB values, mean CIELAB, CIELUV and xyY coordinates, luminance standard deviation, and computed color differences for AOIs within the image. Individual image data occupies one line in the file to facilitate processing multiple images.

Color Image Format Support

ViewVS supports many of the standard file formats produced by digital color cameras, including *.bmp, *.jpg, *.tif, and the Nikon raw *.nef format. Where the raw CCD response is available, it is used in the color calibration rather than the gamma adjusted values traditionally used.

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