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ViewIR is a practical, user-friendly thermal image analysis software application for the PC platform. It is engineered to efficiently load raw thermal images, convert the images to engineering units of temperature or radiance, analyze multiple areas of interest, and write the analyzed data products to an output file.

Using ViewIR, a user can quickly process thousands of images with little effort. This is possible with ViewIR’s unique group select feature, which allows simultaneous selection of multiple images from a file. ViewIR sorts the images using the header time stamp, then makes them available for display and analysis with a single click of the mouse.

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Areas of Interest

In many research applications, it is important to define and analyze discrete regions of the image - Areas of Interest (AOIs) - very precisely. ViewIR has unique AOI drawing, editing, and storage functions. The editing function allows the user to graphically add or delete nodes and to move the nodes independently on an enlarged view of the image. A group move function simultaneously aligns all of the AOIs while maintaining the relative positions. The user can also name and store each AOI for later use.

Image Series Processing

ViewIR is designed to process thousands of images easily and efficiently. After calibrating the software and defining AOIs, the user can load and analyze sequential images using the same calibration and AOIs. To quickly analyze multiple images in series, a group file function allows the user to load large blocks of images at the same time. When multiple images are selected, the software sorts them by time stamp, then with the click of a button, sequentially loads them for analysis.


Image calibration functions are integrated into the software in accordance with the imager manufacturer’s calibration procedure. In addition, a multiple black body calibration procedure is available for high-fidelity applications.

Data Export

The data export feature allows the user to export to an MS Excel-compatible file the mean, standard deviation, and minimum and maximum pixel values in each AOI. Individual image data occupies one line in the file to facilitate processing multiple images.

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